We have several video panels and discussion events on YouTube

Adoption Week 2020 – ‘Insights in FASD’ for Professionals

Webinar hosted by FASDHub Scotland with a panel of guest speakers, both with lived- and professional experience, who give their perspectives and insights into FASD. Dr Sarah Brown gives a talk on how FASD can occur and how it can affect people.

‘Insights in FASD’ for Professionals


FASD Awareness Day Webinar (September 2020)

Webinar hosted by HSE Health and Wellbeing on the response to FASD in Ireland, with a panel of experts across public health, psychology, paediatrics, and midwifery. Dr Jennifer Shield and Dr Sarah Brown discuss the services and support for those with FASD in Scotland.

HSE Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day


Moving Forward Together Symposium

On 25th February 2021 the Fetal Alcohol Advisory, Support & Training Team (FAAST) and the FASD Hub Scotland collaborated with other colleagues from across Scotland to delivery a half day symposium on FASD.

FASD Moving Forward Together, Scottish Collaborative event


Jennifer Shields describes the ways in which FAAST can support services in their move to neurodevelopmental pathways.

FAAST for NAIT Child neurodevelopmental pathway: new ways of working webinar